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iTips Vs Tape Ins

Updated: Mar 11

What are iTips?

iTips are hair extensions that latches onto your natural hair. Flattened microbeads are used to connect your hair to the hair extension with special iTip hair tools. Why would you want iTips? Be sure to view our top 20 Pros of iTip Hair Extensions below.

Pros of iTip Extensions 2022

Easy Install at Home

iTip tools can be found on Amazon and installed by yourself in the comfort of your own home. This is a big advantage to save money.

Great for Thinner Strands

iTips are light and do not put strain onto your hair. Ideal for a babe with thin strands of hair.

Highlight Alternative

Since iTips are tiny strands, it is very easy to dye your iTip and use to add a pop of color. The amount of hairstyles you can accomplish are in fact limitless.

What are Tape Ins?

Tape In extensions are the newest hair extension method on the market. Tape In Hair extensions are thin tape wefts, generally 1-1.5 inch wide pre-taped hair wefts. Tape ins are pre taped with glue to add onto your hair. A licensed cosmetologist's favorite hairstyle to do in 2022.

Pros of Tape In Extensions 2022


You won’t even notice they’re there due to Kendra's Collections incredible patented panels.

Turn your limp lop into that edgier, sexier look you’ve also wanted by adding tape in hair extensions! Have any tips for adding luxury virgin hair extensions for volume? Let us know by leaving us a comment on our Instagram profile.


If you’re constantly adding heat styling into your daily hair routine for that added volume you’re looking for, tape in hair extensions will protect your hair from heat damage. That extra layer of hair will protect your hair from your heat tools.


They also won’t need to be retapped for 6-8 weeks making them the longest lasting cost effective solution.

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