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The Best Products For A Silk Press

FAIR HAIR MUA checking in... Did you miss me babe? I'm about to release some exclusive tips for you to purchase before you silk press your hair extensions. But to begin, what is a silk press? Do you know? A silk press a basically another way to say "bone straight" "insanely silky" hair that is pressed out.. with HEAT.. of course.

For the best silk press but sure to apply heat protectant to minimize heat damage and possible shredding. After you've done this easy step be sure to have some hair clips in which that can clamp your hair extensions. The purpose of these clips are to help hold any hair out of your way.

KC recommends Marcella Ellis Thermal Heat protectant because the ingredients in this bottle are really lightweight. The lighter the product the better it is for you silk press. Since this product is so lightweight it won't cause any stiffness (even days after).

Hot tools recommended consists of KC Crystal Comb and any HIGH HEAT flat iron such as Baby List for the best silk press results EVER!! Xoxo

For more hair tips check out this video before of our Boss Babe in charge of KC

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