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How To Care For Your Mongolian Wigs

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

As women we place so much money, time, and effort into our hair styles. That's why here at Kendra's Collections we want to help you get a bang out of your buck. Don't SWEAT! literally.. you will cause build up in your lace. Realistically you have to sweat babe this is what our body is programmed to do.


Your glue is sinking into the fabric of your lace! What should you do?

Wash your lace with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Glue sinks into your lace due to consistent pressure. This means you are tying your lace down too tight. Loosen up a little and refrain from keeping your lace tied all day. Why? It doesn't work. Keeping it tied does nothing but make room from sweat to build up. Heat gets trapped under the strap.


Your hair extensions need a wash and your braids are starting to itch! What should you do?

Refrain from scratching your lace. Scratching loosens up hair follicles in your lace. Please keep in mind our custom units are handcrafted by our hair fairies. This means each hair follicle was individually added into your lace. If you scratch (especially if you are heavy handed) holes will result. We're sure you don't want this to happen! Avoid this action at all costs Instead, find the time to take off your wig, thoroughly clean your hair, and place your nice hair back on your head... WAHLAH.


Your lace is showing very terribly! What should you do?

Use some Ebin spray and tie our elastic on your lace. Below are 5 easy steps for you to follow!

  1. Spray a good amount of Ebin directly on your lace.

  2. Stretch an elastic band around the perimeter of your entire head.

  3. Secure the velcro on the back of your neck.

  4. On high heat, blow hot air on your lace for 3 minutes.

  5. Allow for the Ebin spray to completely dry for 7 minutes.

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