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What Is The Best Type Of Lace To Get?

Updated: Mar 22

Transparent Lace

Now that we've gotten your attention, what lace do you navigate to? Some might understand how to differentiate between transparent. Transparent lace is the type of fabric used during the construction of our custom unit wigs. It is almost undetectable to the naked eye and mimics scalp in comparison to brown lace. Transparent lace is the second best to one of our best laces on the hair market. Its tiny grids allows for any professional hairstylist to lay your wigs seamless on your head with the help of lace tint or foundation that matches your skin tone.

High Definition Lace

HD lace is undetectable with the naked eye and is the best fabric in the luxury hair market. Luckily at Kendra's Collections, we offer a variety of textures to choose from for an ultimate slay. Another name for HD lace is "clear lace." Thus kind of fabric is so easy to blend with any skin complexion even without the assistance of lace tint or foundation.

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